About us

In 1991 BrickArta factory was successful in obtaining an operating license with the approval of the Department of Industry in a land of 100,000 square meters located at km 6 of Habib-Abad road with a surface area of more than 17,000 square meters including manufacturing, warehouse, office and welfare buildings.

The unit continuing its activity with expert technical staff supported by 50 years of experience in the production of bricks set up an automatic production line with tunnel furnaces and fast-curing furnaces and increased nominal production capacity to 3,000,000 square meters per year including more than 500 types of brick tile and carpet flooring.

Our Beliefs

  • Focus on customer orientation is the development basis for BRICK ARTA
  • Our goal is a fast learner and a fast response organization
  • Competitiveness stability of any industry depends on quality, speed, flexibility, price and overall value creation for all stakeholders
  • Organizations are increasingly becoming knowledge-based
  • Product life-cycle, including the formulation, design, color or packaging has been shortened
  • Customers are more demanding and competition becomes more intense
  • No market is not fully secure
  • Market development through creating a great distribution and sales network is our pivot policy
  • Past successful solutions do not necessarily solve today’s problems
  • Without diagnosis and understanding the position of business it is not possible to find the right way of excellence.

Our Values

  • Trust in God and adherence to religious values and human dignity
  • Adherence to national and international rules within the learning, agile, responsive and customer-focused framework
  • Respect the social environment, along with the rights of customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders
  • Respect for the environment and pollution prevention together with health for all
  • Development of human capital
  • Development of a large family and BRICK ARTA value chain – The development of technology with an emphasis on the performance of base knowledge
  • Interaction and synergy with partners
  • Maintenance of competitive advantage by continuous improvement and teamwork
  • Believing in “where there’s a will there’s a way”

Brick Arta

Research and Development Department

Development and promotion of each of the management branches of this complex including business, production. accounting, engineering, quality control, and research and development (R&D) management added to the capabilities and achievements of the complex every day.